Effective and transformational therapy through RTT® and positive holistic healing.

Sage Roots will take you on a journey of self help with RTT® – positive holistic healing that ensures you or your child receive effective and transformational therapy.

Do you feel fully you?

We can go through life feeling like a shell of ourselves. Anxiety, depression, feeling overwhelmed, toxic habits or just the general heaviness of life can leave us stunted and burnt out. These emotions can affect every member of our family unit. The first step is to reach out to someone who has experience and knows what is best for you.

Sage Roots offers intimate and caring therapy sessions: For children, families, young adults or professionals. Together and in confidence we will explore your subconscious and provide clarity and breakthrough on your self-help journey.

How can I help you?

Sage Roots therapist, Michelle, has experienced a range of neuroscience and therapeutic techniques, she specializes in Rapid Transformational Therapy® for her clients. In particular she works with children, families, adults and professionals, offering a range of options to cater to your therapy needs. With engaging, transformational online therapy sessions.

RTT® is a therapy developed by Marisa Peer, a top British psychotherapist who has personally mentored Michelle in her acclaimed therapeutic practices. RTT® helps to break patterns of emotions such as anxiety, depression, sadness, hurt or fear. Worldwide it is a transformational form of therapy that is designed to rewire and re-engineer your subconscious mind.

Through Michelle’s counselling and intimate gentle guidance, we will deal with unwanted emotions at the core and replace them with a joyful newness. She helps each client to break free of the confinements that have been holding them back, so they can enjoy life and feel present in daily activities.

Why is RTT® right for you?

Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT®) is holistic therapy with advanced, proven techniques that are a catalyst for breakthrough and empowerment. The therapy draws from neuroscience, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and neurolinguistic programming in order to provide clients with a holistic and proven approach to their therapy sessions.

Michelle is equipped with a range of techniques and skills that will help you find that healing you need. RTT® is a truly transformational experience for both children and adults: therapy sessions that will truly help you to move forward with your life.

See Immediate Transformation with RTT®

Many clients of RTT® therapy only need one therapy session to see rapid transformation in their lives. Michelle is a trained professional that will help guide you to a better mindset and lifestyle. After only one session, you will see change and growth. With a better, more refreshing mindset.

A Holistic Effective
Therapy Approach

RTT®is a launching pad for change. Sage Roots has seen effective healing for clients, physically, mentally and emotionally. There is no need for prescription medication. Our clients see practical change in themselves, from the first session. And the long lasting results come from practical self affirmation.