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Frequently Asked Questions

Rapid Transformational therapy is an effective revolutionary form of therapy that was created by leading British psychotherapist Marisa Peer. RTT® finds its roots in neuroscience, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and neuro linguistic programming. It is a holistic form of therapy that draws from a range of different proven techniques, where clients see immediate transformational change. As RTT® goes right to the root cause of your issue, transforming your thinking and mindset, clients often see the breakthrough that they may have spent years waiting for in just one session.</em></div></strong><br></div>

RTT® uses attributes and techniques from various different effective therapy approaches. Because of this clients see immediate and effective change after just one session. By using the tools to engage your subconscious mind, throughout the therapy sessions clients are receptive to embracing permanent change of mindsets and habits. RTT® is both gentle and rapid in its effectiveness.

For children it can help with things such as bedwetting, phobias, panic attacks or eating disorders, and for adults it can pinpoint and transform habitual problems such as addictions and relationship struggles or help with mind set changes such as low motivation or sense of hopelessness.

Whatever the struggle RTT® can find the core of the issue and provide quick and noticeable change. Michelle brings a caring and holistic understanding to her therapy sessions, and is positive that through RTT® you will get that desired transformation.

Given the global reach of Sage Roots and the fact we have clients based in locations worldwide – we offer a fair and transparent pricing policy. For this reason, the price is in USD regardless of the country or region – all major debit and credit cards allow for online payment in other currencies. Please contact your bank if you have any further questions about this.

Make sure to check with your healthcare cash plan provider, to see if RTT® therapy is covered under your treatment plan. If the provider covers hypnotherapy and accepts Michelle’s license, then in accordance with your chosen level of plan you will likely be eligible to claim and receive money back for your treatment.

It is always recommended to clarify with your provider before committing to treatment.

Start with a discovery call to find out if RTT® is right for you. You will talk freely with Michelle to assess what you need therapy for and where the root cause might be. This is a free consultation that provides insight for you on meeting your therapist, Michelle. As well as giving Michelle an idea of what might need to be immediately addressed in the session.

Michelle will set up a pre-meeting and then schedule the meeting to ensure you can see each other via the screen. Michelle recommends finding a quiet comfortable place in your own home environment, where you feel safe, have an internet connection, and will not be interrupted during the sessions. This may look different for different sessions. For example, a family session might want to be conducted in the lounge, whereas if you are a professional you might be comfortable at your workspace. You will be required to sit in front of the camera, or where you can be always seen to ensure the sessions are effective and Michelle can directly address you as her client.

During the 90 minute session you can expect to feel relaxed, while sitting or laying down. As the sessions are conducted via zoom, you will be in your comfort zone (home or office). Sage Root also asks that you ensure your neck is supported, and your safe space will be uninterrupted. During your time with Michelle you will have your eyes closed or relaxed, and she will be asking you questions. Michelle’s camera will be turned off once the client is happy and comfortable in the sessions. This is to ensure Michelle is not a distraction, and she will be taking notes to ensure the sessions are conducted thoroughly.

For sessions with children under 12, the session may be shorter and Michelle will use creative storytelling techniques to engage younger children. Regression techniques are not practiced for children under 9 years old. In therapy every client will come presenting a different problem, or root cause. Rapid Transformational Therapy® provides a successful method that has a proven formula that truly empowers clients.

You will easily and effortlessly break free from what was weighing you down.

After one session clients see immediate and transformational change.

Michelle will create a calm and relaxed environment for your therapy session. Some clients do feel nervous or anxious prior to the session, and this is understandable when you experience something new. Rapid Transformational Therapy® allows you to change your perspective and mindset. From the start of the session you will feel a calmness. Michelle will continually check in with you to ensure you are happy and settled in the session.

Outside of RTT® Michelle also provides programs to support and develop groups and individuals. She currently runs an online mentorship program, which focuses on resilience-building skills for children. Her goal is to empower children with the tools to be successful, regardless of their background, circumstances or abilities.

This mentorship program covers things such as anxiety and stress relief, wellbeing and resilience, OCD relief, mindfulness, negative thoughts, procrastination and panic attacks.

Sage Roots has a practical approach to their programs, children will learn concepts that they can apply to their life and mindset straight away. The sessions are face to face, via Zoom. We provide fun and friendly sessions, with interactive animations. Each short and fun session is only 25 minutes long.

Michelle is available for both group and one on one sessions.

Yes, of course! Book yourself a Free Discovery Call. This is a no-obligation chat that will give you an insight into what RTT® is like, and you can decide if it is right for you.

RTT® gently and safely guides you to a state of relaxation where Michelle will facilitate a conversation with you, and together you find the core of the issue you came to the session for. From there in a relaxed and calm state together you will work to ensure the issue or issues are overcome. When your subconscious mind is in a more relaxed state it is more open to positive input and reinforcement.

Michelle will always be checking in with you, and communicating with you to ensure you are comfortable with every step and technique and that you feel relaxed and safe. Michelle has experience in neuroscience, CBT and NLP, she is a fully qualified RTT® professional so she has a well rounded understanding of therapeutic techniques and has worked with a range of clients.

She is particularly experienced with children and family, so she knows and understands the importance of creating a safe, calm and confidential environment in every therapy session.

RTT® has seen success in a range of issues or conditions. It can deliver permanent transformational change from physical, emotional and psychological pain. You will see in our enquiry form a range of issues that you might come to seek therapy but if you do not see the issue you require therapy for, make sure to talk to Michelle to see if RTT® can work for you.

Here are some things Sage Roots have seen remarkable change with RTT® treatment:

Children and Families problems such as bed wetting, phobias, eating disorders, childhood trauma, parent/child relationships, motivation, panic attacks, anxiety.

Adults issues such as finding purpose, addictions and gambling, poor relationships, negative habits, sexual problems, depression, anxiety, negative thoughts, obsessive compulsive thoughts, guilt.

Professionals work or purpose related problems such as lack of motivation, work instability, inability to progress, performance issues, lack of confidence, interview anxiety, power struggles, inferiority.

Schools and Students learning related issues such as dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, memory motivation, memory retention, exam stress, low concentration, overstimulation, confidence.

You deserve to think and feel better, RTT® has the power through a single therapy to see that positive change.

Unfortunately, Sage Roots are unable to submit claims on behalf of a client. It is every individual’s responsibility to comprehensively understand their insurance providers’ claim eligibility and to submit their own insurance claims.

For insurance purposes Sage Roots will, however, provide you with a receipt of the treatment received. This can be used as a partial or full claim on the overall costs of treatment as per the level of insurance coverage you have. Your insurance provider will then reimburse you accordingly.

As previously stated, if you have any doubt about this process make sure to contact your insurance provider to discuss the specificities of your plan, before committing to treatment.

RTT® will transform your mindset and outlook on life. You will leave a session feeling transformed and confident, empowered by your changed mind. You will feel emotionally invigorated, and you will see visible changes in the issue you came to the session for. RTT® is a holistic therapy practice so it works on emotional, physical and psychological problems. You should see immediate change and feel empowered whether that is a physical healing or a shift in your mind.

RTT® takes an integrated approach to overcoming problems using up-to-date research and techniques, in a way that is proven to provide a significant change for you. At the end of each session you will most likely feel liberated and energized. However some clients want to have a nap, to recoup. There is always immediate transformation, but upgrading your beliefs and mindsets takes place over the next 21 days. Over the 21 day re-calibration period, Michelle will regularly check in with you, providing clarity, accountability and encouragement. For children she works as a personal cheerleader and provides daily contact with positive reinforcement and mentorship. She also provides activities and resources for children during this time.

From the start of your session, then into your daily life you will be supported to live a healthy and positive life and mindset!

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a distinctive approach that aims to deliver permanent change in a single 90-minute session. If you have come to Sage Roots seeking rapid results, that is exactly what RTT® delivers. We also understand that you may have received previous, unsuccessful therapy through other methods such as talk therapy. However, Michelle and Sage Roots have seen immediate and successful results through RTT® online therapy. Rapid Transformational Therapy is particularly useful with issues such as stress, addictions, most fears and phobias, sleeping issues, eating disorders, memory and even anxiety and depression. RTT® was designed to provide rapid relief and permanent results.

Sage Roots recommends booking one to three sessions. You will likely see immediate changes after only one session. However it is often good to have follow-up sessions to ensure all problems that may be holding you back are dealt with, as well as tying up any loose ends that may have been missed in the initial sessions.

Please be assured that you are not only paying for the session(s), but you also get a personal audio recording specific to your session which is bespoke-made for you and sent to you. Michelle will ask you to listen to the recording once a day for 21 days as this is a proven way to break a habit or behavioral pattern. By committing the short recording daily, you are positively reinforcing the new behavior. The completion of the 21-day listening period must be carried out fully in order to receive the maximum benefit from your RTT online therapy.

During your 21day program, Michelle will be in contact with regular check-in calls for accountability and updates. Michelle will be noting the changes and guiding you through the recalibration.

Michelle will provide coaching to you during the transition, ensuring you stay on target and meet your goals.

Michelle takes precautions to make sure the internet is going strong on both ends. This is why we have a pre-meeting scheduled to avoid any technical issues. However if it were to happen that the internet fails suddenly during a session, you will become aware that Michelle is no longer available to talk. As the therapy is an immersive experience you may feel a bit sleepy or relaxed. Michelle will try to connect back with you as soon as possible, to ensure you are happy and if there are continual internet issues we may need to postpone the session.

You can be assured that this is not a common issue. At Sage Roots we work hard to ensure there are no technical issues or interruptions during a online therapy session. After the intake session, you will receive written instructions.

There are many things that hold us back in our professional life. RTT® can positively help you in business by removing your limiting beliefs, empowering you to achieve your goals, supercharging your motivation, eradicating procrastination, giving you the confidence to become a better businessperson, to promote yourself better, and so many other potential benefits. There are a range of things that professionals seek therapy for, if you are unsure or just want to have a chat about how RTT can help you make sure to book a discovery call with Michelle today.

After seeing success with individualized therapy and tools for her own son. Michelle decided to receive qualifications so she could grow and guide other children and families to mindful success. Michelle is a Certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, she is a qualified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner. As a Licensed Practitioner in RTT®, she has received a Rapid Transformational Therapy ® endorsement and has trained personally with pioneering psychotherapist Marisa Peer.