RTT® Therapy Programs

Take a look at the online therapy services Sage Roots provides to see how we can best help with your transformation.

RTT® For Families and Children

Michelle has worked closely with families and children in therapy sessions with the Sage Roots mentorship program. She has developed an intimate understanding of what children need to overcome in order to thrive, she also understands family dynamics and how every member of the family needs to be in a good place to succeed.

RTT® is a particularly effective technique to help children overcome bedwetting, panic attacks, anxiety or eating problems. It is also transformational for family members seeking to break habits, addictions or mending past hurts. Michelle offers personal caring RTT® sessions with children and families.

RTT® For Adults

It is important to know where you are at so that you can succeed as an individual.

RTT® is a revolutionary therapy in that it can really transform your thinking patterns if you need to change from addictions, stress, procrastination, sexual problems, finding life purpose, relationships or other habits/thoughts that are holding you back.

Michelle is trained to help guide and council you, so that you can positively succeed in all aspects of your life.

RTT® For Professionals

Having a career is an integral part of our lives, but there are so many contributing factors that can hold us back from being present, or succeeding at our profession.

RTT helps to transform those negative thinking patterns; whether you are unable to progress in your career, have low professional or sporting performance, social anxiety, interview fears or are struggling to achieve career goals.

Michelle will guide you to a better perspective, and help you to excel in your career and work life. Find out more about RTT® for your professional development.

RTT® For Schools and Students

School is an important time in a child’s life, the interactions they have and the way they are communicated to shape the way they see the world in their adult life.

For teachers and educators it is important to be aware of students’ holistic wellbeing, and for students it is great to seek counsel if you feel things are not going well. Sage Roots Therapy and resources can help with common problems faced in the classroom such as Dyslexia, ADHD, memory motivation and exam stress.

Michelle offers assistance equipping classrooms with positive mindsets and mental well being. Discover Sage Roots for your school today

Online Social & Emotional Mentoring Programs (ages 6-15)

Outside of RTT® Michelle also provides programs to support and develop groups and individuals. She currently runs an online mentorship program, which focuses on resilience building skills for children.

Her goal is to empower children with the tools to be successful, regardless of their background, circumstances or abilities. This mentorship program covers things such as anxiety and stress relief, wellbeing and resilience, OCD relief, mindfulness, negative thoughts, procrastination and panic attacks.

Sage Roots has a practical approach to their programs, children will learn concepts that they can apply to their life and mindset straight away. The sessions are face to face, via Zoom. We provide fun and friendly sessions, with interactive animations. Each short and fun session is only 25 minutes long. Michelle is available for both group and one on one sessions.

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The Sage Roots Online Therapy program is not currently accepting new clients.

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